This unit has an age limit of 3 years old. Please ensure no one over this age is allowed to use the equipment.

No food, drink or chewing gum on or around the Playground Area. This will avoid a choking risk and keep the unit clean.

Do no enter with Shoes, glasses, jewelry, or any other object that could be dangerous for a baby.

No face paints, party poppers, colored streamers or silly string to be used either on or near the Baby Soft Play Area. (Please note these products will cause damage the Baby Playground that cannot be repaired)

NO smoking on or around the Baby Playground Area

NO barbeques around the Baby Playground Area

Climbing, hanging or sitting on fence is dangerous and must not be allowed.

A responsible Adult must supervise the Baby Playground Area at all times.

Ensure Children are not pushing, colliding, fighting or behaving in a manner likely to injure or cause distress to others.

No pets, toys or sharp instruments on the Baby Playground Area at anytime.

Be careful if you decide to expose the playpen in an outdoor area where it receives direct sunlight, the pieces can overheat and cause burns to babies. Full Party LLC is not responsible for any damages that children may suffer if parents decide to put their children inside the playpen directly under the sun.

Please note that balloons placed on the mini bounce house may burst and be a choking hazard to children. It is important that if you agree to place balloons in the Baby Soft Playground, Full Party LLC is released from any responsibility for damages that these balloons may cause to children or any person.



Responsibility and Use & Disclaimer Warranties: You are responsible for the use of the rented items. You assume all risks inherent to the operation and use of rented items, and agree to assume the entire responsibility for the defense of, and to pay, indemnity and hold Full Party LLC harmless from and hereby release Full Party LLC from, all claims for damage to property or bodily injury (including death) resulting from the use, operation or possession of the items, whether or not it be claimed or found that such damage or injury resulted in whole or part from Full Party LLC negligence, from the defective condition of the items, or any other cause. YOU AGREE THAT NO WARRANTIES EXPRESSED OR IMPLIED, INCLUDING MERCHANTIBILITY OR FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE HAVE BEEN MADE IN CONNECTION WITH THE EQUIPMENT RENTED. Equipment Failure: You agree to immediately discontinue the use of rented items should it at any time become unsafe or in a state of disrepair, and will immediately (one hour or less) notify Full Party LLC of the facts. Full Party LLC agrees at our discretion to make the items operable in a reasonable time, or provide a like items if available, or make a like item available at another time, or adjust rental charges, The provision does not relieve renter from obligations of contract. In all events Full Party LLC shall not be responsible for injury or damage resulting in failure or defect of rented item. Use of Equipment: Renter agrees & covenants to be satisfied with the instruction and condition of equipment rented and the proper and safe use equipment, or that renter is so familiar and conveyed to Full Party LLC you were. Renter further agrees that the items will only be used at the address listed on contract, and only for the purpose for which it was intended and manufactured. Subleasing or improper use is prohibited. Renter agrees they have read all instruction manuals, operating instructions, and warnings related to rented items Equipment Responsibility: Renter is responsible for equipment from time of possession to time of return. Renter assumes the entire risk of loss, regardless of cause. If items are lost, stolen, damaged, renter will assume cost of replacement or repair, including labor costs. Renter shall pay a reasonable cleaning charge for rented items returned dirty.


The Full Party company wishes to carry out the services provided for your social event with good terms.

For the efficient performance of our services, we leave below our terms and conditions:

All furniture such as Cylinders, Pedestals, Curtains, Bases, Structures, Pipe and Drape, Wood Panels, Tables, Chairs, Tablecloths, covers, Marquee Letters, Marquee Numbers, is rented to customers up to 24 hours, only if they are rented in a safe place.

Only the Full party staff will be in charge of making the Delivery, Set Up and Pick up of the rented items.

We offer the assembly service for all rented items, including tables and chairs with covers.

If the place of the event is a public place, such as parks, party halls or another place that is not considered safe to leave the furniture for 24 hours, Full Party will collect it the same day, immediately after the end of the event. . If the pick-up is between 10:00pm and 7:00am, an additional $100 Fee will be charged.

Once the furniture has been installed at the event, the client is responsible for the care and protection of each of the rented items. If at the time of collection, one of the rented pieces is missing or physically damaged, the customer must pay for the damaged or missing item in full.


The staff of Full Party LLC, will be in charge of the installation of the Marquee Letters and Numbers. However, here are some steps to follow for the correct installation of the Marquee Letters and Numbers in case the client needs to carry out the installation by himself:

-Only an Adult can manipulate this item.

-Be sure to place the letters and/or numbers on a flat surface, this will keep them steady. If the surface is not flat, this could cause the letters or numbers to remain unstable, which could cause them to fall and injure someone.

-Once the marquee letters/numbers are located, connect the extension cord to the letter or number and then proceed to plug it into a power outlet.

-Do not touch the wiring on the back of the letters.

-Keep the marquee letters and numbers out of the reach of children.

Remember, this is a decorative item, and should not be handled during the event, only at the time of set up and disassembly.

-If the marquee letters/numbers are installed outdoors, please note that some weather conditions, such as wind, rain, might make it unstable. In case it starts to rain, simply unplug the extension cord from the outlet, never touch the wiring behind the letters/numbers. If the letters get wet in the rain, don't worry, they can get wet but make sure you have unplugged the extension cord from the power outlet.


If the client decides to cancel their event, after making the reservation, Full Party LLC will not return the deposit money, however, the money will remain as a credit to be reused for a new date, up to one year.

Full Party LLC has every right to cancel an event due to bad weather.

Full Party LLC is not responsible if the event is canceled due to bad weather conditions that may occur on the day of the event (rains, storms, tornadoes, hurricanes, floods, winds greater than 16 mph, etc.)

If the event is canceled due to bad weather, the client may reschedule a new date (up to one year), depending on the availability in the Full Party LLC calendar.


We use the best quality balloons from recognized brands, and we guarantee a professional quality and durable decoration, staying intact for much more than 24 hours when it is indoors.

However, when applying for outdoor installations, a shaded area is always recommended. Direct sunlight can cause the balloons to expand and burst. The same is true indoors, if the balloons are exposed to direct sunlight through windows.

We know on some occasions that our clients use referential photographs to indicate the reason and colors of the event, however, sometimes the colors may have certain variants, since the balloons shown in some photographs may come from anywhere in the world, and we only work with some brands that are distributed in the United States. In the same way we will always try to make the colors as similar as possible, but keep in mind that this could vary.

There are advanced techniques called "Double Stuff" to reach the ideal color where each balloon uses another balloon within it, resulting in a new color, which does not exist by itself. This technique can exactly match desired colors, however keep in mind that this technique would double the cost of balloon decoration.

When assembling the balloons indoors, if the client agrees, we will apply a liquid called Hi-Shine, which will give the balloons a shine, making the decoration look more radiant. However, in the case of exteriors, we will not be able to use this liquid, since its composition is oily, which could overheat when exposed to high temperatures and make the balloons burst. Therefore, keep in mind that balloons exposed to the outside can change their appearance, their original color, and become more opaque.

Helium Balloons: Low temperatures below 60°F can cause helium molecules to shrink, reducing the size and float time of balloons. Exteriors or interiors with air conditioning in the direction of the balloons. It is recommended to keep the balloons in a cool dry environment out of direct sunlight and away from air conditioning.

Never breathe helium from a balloon. Helium is not toxic or flammable, but breathing it can cause asphyxiation (loss of consciousness due to lack of oxygen).

Do not release balloons outdoors! Power outages can occur if these balloons become entangled in power lines and are harmful to animals.


Children under 8 years of age can choke on uninflated or broken balloons. Adult supervision required. Keep uninflated balloons out of the reach of children. Dispose of broken balloons at once.

Full Party is not responsible for popped balloons once they are no longer in our care.